Our Sexy Agreement

30 Mar

So I have been telling you over the last few days what bad luck my wife has …. well here is the agreement that we are in now.  She wants to loose weight, this should be GREAT motivation for her, let me know what you think!!


These actions to follow are to be completed no matter what you weigh in at on May 1, 2012.  Some of these take place during 2011.  This is ‘payment’ for allowing you to combine two separate agreements, the wearing of only skirts during the summer of 2011 and the weight agreement with a weigh in August 2011.

May 1, 2012 to August 31, 2012: You will only wear mini skirts or mini dresses.  A ‘mini’ is defined as being shorter than your fingertips when you stand erect with your hands held at your sides palm in.

WORK:  You will wear skirts/dresses as short as possible under the dress code.  You will dress ‘business sexy’ when you go to work.

WORKING OUT:  You may wear spandex shorts and a form fitted (tight fitting) tank top or sports bra as exclusion to wearing a skirt or dress.

YARD WORK: Spandex shorts may be worn for yard work, either the sports bra, tight fitting tank top, or if the Level Bikini is selected that will be worn.

For each day you deviate from this a week will be added to the end.

April 1, 2011 to May 1, 2012:  I will take you weight on the first of each month along with the following measurements and two pictures, a profile and you facing me.  You will wear your spandex and under armor zip up sports bra.

Summer of 2011 we will go to a strip club, you will wear a mini skirt, a low cut top, heels and get a premium lap dance (i.e. bed dance) with a female.

Summer of 2012 in (Major City): You go out in the evening you will wear skirts/dresses no longer than 14 inches, this includes if you go out without me.  One of the nights you will wear the white dress.

Your weight will be taken on May 1, 2012.  Based on your weight you will fall into one of the following categories; Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3.  Cards from the level you fall in as well as all of the lower level cards will be included in the drawing, i.e. if end in level 3 cards from Levels 1, 2 & 3 will be included.

The tasks below will be numbered, those numbers will be referenced on index cards.  For every 2 pounds over 120 lbs you will draw one card, see the table on the last page.

Each level is broken into 10 pound segments, each level being more daring.  The cards from each level will not be included in the drawing portion unless you pass into that weight category.

At the time of the drawing all cards from the applicable levels will be shuffled and laid out face down on the dining room table so as no two cards are overlapping the other.  At this time you will point to the cards you choose, keeping them facedown I will place them into a pile.  At the completion I will layout the cards you selected face up and will bring out the reference to tell you what you have chosen.

Level 1 – 120.01 to 129 Pounds

1)            Maria will get a lap dance during the summer of 2012 from another female.

2)             Maria will make out with a random female at the bar/club while in (Major City) summer of 2012

3)             Maria will wear a bikini top when she does yard work from June through August 2012.

4)            You will not wear panties from May 1, 2012 to August 31, 2012.  The only exception is when you are wearing the less than 14 inch skirt/dress, at that time you may wear sexy panties.

5)            Masturbate during a movie in a theater until you orgasm.

Level 2 – 130 to 139 Pounds

6)            Maria will get her navel pierced and maintain for at least one year from the date of the piercing.

7)            Maria will be photographed stripping in 3 public areas in (home state) at least 1 will be in the (Major City) area.  Each will be for a minimum of 10 pictures, 3 of which will be fully nude.  Maria is responsible for determining where the pictures are to be taken.

8)            You will not wear panties from May 1, 2012 to April 30, 2013.

9)            Maria will dance in the “cages” at a club while out in (Major City) for at least one complete song.  She would bend so as everyone would be able to see her butt.

10)            Wear a thin see through (opaque) dress with visible underwear (pink, bright red, etc. for an entire day while we are out in (Major City) during the summer of 2012.  You must not acknowledge the fact that everything is visible and it must be worn all day; from when you get up to when you go to bed.

Level 3 – 140 and Above

11)            Maria will perform oral sex on Jeff the third Saturday of the month for a year.  Cum will be taken into the mouth, swallowing is not required.

12)            Maria will pose for a set of 10 pictures stripping monthly for twelve consecutive months, 3 pictures per set will be fully nude.  She will sign model release for the monthly pictures and allow them to be posted online at Voyeurweb.

13)            Maria will become a slave while (daughter) is at camp in 2012.  This will commence once we have left my parents house and conclude when (daughter) is returned.  Separate guidelines will be given if this one is picked.

14)            Order a pizza and answer the door wearing just your underwear. Ask the delivery driver if he wants a $2.00 tip or your underwear. If he says your underwear, take them off for him.

15)            Maria will have anal sex with Jeff every other week for a year, 26 times consecutively.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

# Cards            Weight            # Cards            Weight            # Cards            Weight

1            –            120.1 – 122            6            –            131 – 132            11            –            141 – 142

2            –            123 – 124            7            –            133 – 134            12            –            143 – 144

3            –            125 – 126            8            –            135 – 136            13            –            145 – 146

4            –            127 – 128            9            –            137 – 138            14            –            147 – 148

5            –            129 – 130            10            –            139 – 140            15            –            149 – 150

Optional Jeff Amendment

If Jeff is unable to reduce his weight to 220 lbs (or 10% body fat if weight is over 220) by May 1, 2012 the number of cards you will draw will be reduced by 1 for every 5 pounds over 220.  This will not impact the Level of the cards included in the drawing.

If Jeff does achieve his goal Maria will increase to Level 3.  If already at Level 3 all tasks drawn will double as appropriate.

I Accept I Decline

Failure to comply with tasks will result in them being doubled exponentially.  In example the first time panties are worn two days are added, the second four days, the third time sixteen days.  It is Maria’s responsibility to ensure that all tasks or completed during the established time frame. Upon the signature of both parties this contract will become non-negotiable and will be in full force.

I acknowledge and accept this contract and will comply to the terms laid out within:


Yes I DID make her sign it, she’s not getting out of this one!!  Maria is down working out now, she’ll loose weight … but I’m certain she’ll fall back into her old habits and be doing everything on this list!!  Stay tuned for more Maria!

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